Niger boasts of 76,470 square kilometers of land Of which 85% is deemed arable Niger has hydro dams that supply electric power to Nigeria The region boasts a youthful population With over 50% of individuals under 25 years old. These young individuals are characterized by their energy Technological prowess, and entrepreneurial spirit. Niger State, where the land paints itself green This is a testament to nature's bounty The heart of Nigeria's agricultural prowess The lush, green landscapes of Niger are a living canvas Showcasing the rich agricultural traditions And vibrant growth of the region In Niger State, the land is a symphony of green Where agriculture flourishes And nature's splendor is ever-present
Jobs Created
Ongoing Projects


Niger State has an established, efficient, and profitable agriculture sector that occupies a central position in the state’s agricultural value chain..


We offer shared infrastructure, including processing units, storage facilities, and packaging centers , to help lower costs for individual investors and make the entire production.

Extractive Industry

The extractive industry encompasses the exploration, extraction, and processing of natural resources such as minerals..


The services sector in Niger offers a wealth of investment opportunities, particularly in the areas of tourism, ICT and health. These sectors are poised for significant growth.


JS Bioenergy and Niger Foods signed a term sheets to Develop Sugarcane Farm in Niger State

NNPC signs Green Economy development agreement with Niger State Government

Niger State Government Partners AEDC on "LIGHT UP NIGER" Project to Improve Electricity Supply

Niger State Governor Explore Railway Partnership with China