Investment Opportunities in Infrastructure


Niger State houses three hydroelectric dams in the country with the fourth in Zungeru under construction. Opportunities abound in the state for the setting up of Mini and Small hydro, solar and wind power plants. This is in addition to other Independent Power Plant (IPP) potentials such as the one in Sabon-Wuse.


Niger State has approximately 10% of Nigeria’s total land mass. As, such there is availability of land for housing development in the state. The demand for affordable housing continues to increase in Niger State because of its proximity to Abuja FCT due to increase pressure for houses by the inhabitants of the federal capital city.


Niger State is also a transport “hub” due to its strategic central location and its link ability with other parts of the country especially its proximity to the federal capital. This situation made it to be a rendezvous for a lot of economic activities by easing mobility and creating jobs. Unlimited potentials for investment in transportation exist in the state in the area of water and land transport which consist of Ferry/Boat, Rail and Road Transportation.

Other Projects