Press Statement


The recent inauguration of the Agro-Industrial Processing Zone by President Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, alongside the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Agricultural Commodities between Lagos and Niger States, heralds a transformative era in Nigeria’s agricultural landscape. These pivotal initiatives, coupled with a series of laudable measures, are strategically crafted to fortify food security, bolster export capabilities, and foster a sustainable economy in the region.

Aiming to align with the nation’s Renewed Hope Agenda and the Green Economy Program, the Executive Secretary of Niger State Investments Promotion Agency, Amina Sanusi, emphasized the overarching significance of these initiatives. “The Green Economy Program encapsulates our collective commitment towards a sustainable future,” stated Sanusi, underscoring the imperative for all Nigerlites to actively engage in ensuring its comprehensive success.

Under the visionary leadership of Farmer Governor Umar Bago, the Niger State Government is pioneering an environment conducive to investment, buttressed by adaptable regulations aimed at safeguarding and fostering investment ventures within the state. Noting Niger’s abundant resources and strategic advantages, particularly its vast expanse of arable land suitable for year-round cultivation, Sanusi underscored the pivotal role the state plays in bridging the gap in food security and facilitating exports.

“The Farmer Governor’s vision is not only to propel Niger State into an investment hub but also to position it as a global beacon for investors across various sectors, including agriculture, solid minerals, livestock, forestry, and ecotourism,” affirmed Sanusi. She extended an invitation to potential investors, both domestic and international, urging them to leverage the opportunities presented by the Green Economy Program to make informed decisions and explore diverse business prospects within the state.

With a steadfast commitment to sustainable development and economic prosperity, the initiatives spearheaded by President Tinubu, alongside collaborative efforts between Lagos and Niger States, underscore a collective resolve towards realizing Nigeria’s agricultural potential and fostering a resilient, prosperous future for all.


Public Relations Officer

For: Niger State Investments Promotion Agency.

March 15th, 2024.