Since assumption of office Rt Honourable Mohammed Umaru Bago as Governor of Niger state, the state has evolved into a cherished destination of choice for private investors due to the transparent socio economic policies put in place by his administration in line with his New Niger Agenda.This Agenda encourages both domestic and foreign investor to either partner or invest for mutual benefits, in harnessing the unlimited business opportunities and abundant natural resources that has been lying untapped.

On Assumption of office, the present administration has established and unburdened some ministries,while creating new ones,this is intended to remove unnecessarily bureocratic bottlenecks, ease the cost and time as well as deepen ease of doing business in the state

As part of deliberate efforts to attract local and foreign direct investment into the state, Incentives which include Tax holidays for investors have been strengthened.


Niger State Investment Promotion Agency is saddled with responsibility of coordinating investment in the Niger state economy. Amongst the agency’s mandate is to coordinate investment promotion activities, investment facilitation, investor relations, and attraction of domestic & foreign direct investment.

Niger state is one of the states carved out from the former Northwestern region in 1976 and has grown to become the state with the largest land mass of about 86,000 square kilometers.

It’s Located close to the federal capital, Abuja, and shares land borders with about six states in Nigeria, including an international border with the Benin Republic.
the state can be accessed by road, air and rail.

Niger state under the leadership of Mohammed Umaru Bago is swiftly transforming to take it’s rightful position as a hub for Agricultural industrialisation, Solid mineral development and Economic invigoration.

This is being made possible through a deliberate policy for ease of doing business which provides a seamless and efficient process for investors to access all the information and requirements they need for citing their businesses in Niger state.

Infact prospective private investors can be rest assured of the transparent and accountable process emplaced to ease their doing business in the state.

Investment Opportunities in Niger State

Agricultural Sector

Niger state is also known as the power state, because of the 3 Hydro electric dams located in the state. This has been made possible by the vast water bodies that traverse the state, This large water bodies and 17  irrigation sites spread across the 25 local government areas of the state, provides investors with limitless resources all year round as well as irrigation farming and Aqua culture.

Niger state is known to have an abundance of shea trees, and is in fact the largest producer of Shea nuts and butter in Africa as a whole. Note also that it’s one of highest producers of Rice Paddy in Nigeria.

Apart from the large expanse of land Niger state occupies, the land has been blessed and endowed with numerous solid minerals that have been confirmed to be available in commercial quantity.

Among the minerals that abound in the state include,;- Tantalite, Gold, Talc and kaolin  among many others.


Tourism is one other sector that has enourmous potential for investors in Niger state,with recorded 70 tourism sites waiting to be harnessed and developed by investors . This include the famous Zuma Rock, the mind drenching Gurara water falls. the Kainji lakes national park as well as the breathtaking serene and Shagunu Beach, Bida Brass and glass works among others.

The viability of Tourism industry in the state is made easier by the candour, warmth, hospitable and accommodating nature of Nigerlites.

Power supply and Renewable Energy.

Since the coming of Bago as Governor, power supply in the state has improved from 6 hours to 21 hours thereby enhancing both big and small scale businesses in the state as well as sustainability of energy requiring investors in the state.

As the power state, with three functional hydro power dams the state still has potential for more of such in the future. Other potentials in Energy sector which an investor may want to leverage on,is the renewable energy sector,This sector has really received a boost with the initiation of the state government’s Green Energy policy intended to explore and harness other sources of Energy apart from hydro carbon fuels, eco systems etc. This is the energy of the future.

It is in realization of this potential, that a ministry of power and Renewable Energy has been carved out from the ministry of works and infrastructural development. This has been done with a view to harnessing the enormous potential of the state in mutual and beneficial agreement with private investors.

With the commitment so far exhibited by the State Governor Rt Honourable Mohammed Umaru Bago to provide conducive business environment through practicable policies, transparency and accountability in governance, the abundant investments opportunities in Niger state can not be over emphasized.


Distribution of Agricultural Inputs

Niger State Government Procures Over 600 Tractors

Governor Bago Explores Bilateral Ties

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Key Sectors

Niger State offers a wide range of opportunities to private sector investors.


Agriculture is the mainstay of the Niger economy, accounting for about 85% of the state’s GDP with more than 50%.


The manufacturing sector in the state is gradually undergoing a revival with diverse investments in the automobile.

Solid Minerals

Niger State provides one of the best opportunities for investment in the solid mineral sector in Nigeria.

Infrastructure, Power and Housing

The housing sector in Niger State comprises modern houses in the well laid out, fairly well-serviced and low-density Government Reservation Areas.


The Niger State Government plans to build a vibrant ICT sector that will support industrial development.

Inland Waterways

The target of the Niger State Government is to foster robust development of Inland Waterways serving as a backbone for industrial advancement.