Baro Water Port

Baro Water Port requires investment in the following areas:

1. Completion and Expansion of the Port Facility.

2. Facilitation of Transportation Services that include:
a) Ferry services across the Niger.
b) Provision of barges for the movement of bulk commodities and containers from Apapa, Burutu, and Baro.
c) Warehousing services for value-added activities and the aggregation of agricultural commodities and solid minerals.
d) Commodity processing facilities.
e) Provision of a tank farm and modular refinery.

3. Infrastructure Development:
The plan also includes a trailer park, railway link, smart train, and bus terminal to facilitate the movement of people and goods.

4. Construction of Additional Ports and Berthing Facilities:
Building additional ports and berthing facilities on the island opposite Baro Port will quadruple the capacity of the port and significantly enhance the income of the company and the GDP of the state government.